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Our mission at 1favor.com is “Do for Others”. It is centered on the concept of caring enough about another individual, that you take your sincere desires and put them into action. With that, we respect the privacy of your life and personal matters. Our goal is to provide good value to you, so that the good deeds between you and family, friends and those who have affected your life in a positive way will have the opportunity to strengthen those bonds that draw you together.

The 1 Favor Card LLC Privacy Policy page may change from time-to-time, especailly as we work with new partners and advertising services. It is important that you refer to this page often if you are a frequent viewer of our service.

1 Favor Card LLC collects information used to complete a mutually voluntary transaction. We use this information in order to support our relationship with you, to improve the quality of the product that we offer you and to communicate with you about our services, promotions and new products that may come available. We understand that in this relationship, we must maintain and use information in a responsible manner. We may disclose information to companies who work with us and assist us with providing services to you. From time-to-time, we may use personal consumer information in order to market our products on a limited basis, and we may share your contact information with known and accepted 1favor.com business partners so that they may market their products and services to you.

Information is collected that is provided by you when you place an order by sending a 1 Favor Card, or by sending us an e-mail or by calling us. This information may include:
• Your name
• Your mailing address
• Your e-mail address
• Your phone number
• Your credit card number
• Your supplied photograph or graphic image
• The name of the 1 Favor Card recipient
• The 1 Favor Card recipient’s email address

1 Favor Card LLC uses the services of google and Yahoo! and facebook for advertising purposes, for promotions and to market our products. To do this, these companies collect anonymous data from our site by using cookies. This data is also used to assemble reports on an agregate basis on our customers’ reactions to ad campaigns and to learn more about our general audience so that we may provide only the most relevant promotional activities. To learn more about these companies’ policies including your ability to opt out of Yahoo!, google and facebook systems, go to

The 1 Favor Card LLC Privacy Policy also takes into account that there may be times that, if we are required to do so by law or statute, it will be necessary to release information gathered by our Website. Some of the reasons are covered in the 1 Favor Card Website Service Terms, which may be accessed by clicking here. Such conditions include the need to investigate reports of users sending material that uses computer-generated or false e-mail addresses; of users sending harassing, threatening, or abusive messages; to protect against abuse or non-permitted use of our Website; overall, to be in accordance with due-process legalities such as a court order, search warrants or supoenas; to protect the property and rights of 1 Favor Card LLC and its partners.

Due to the fact that there are unlawful and criminal activities that often attempt to hack websites and create false advertisements or offers such as phishing, 1 Favor Card LLC cannot guarantee absolute privacy beyond our policies. Be prudent, and exercise good Internet access practices, and avoid releasing personal information without verifying the indentity of the source.

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